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Collie Historical Rail Precinct

The Collie Heritage Group home, is the 1898 historic Goods Shed in the centre of Collie.  After cutting and milling their own timber members constructed an adjacent replica Good Shed for housing their wagons and carriages.  The timber wagon restoration is most impressive.  See the story of railways preserved in what was a real ‘railway town.

Designed by CY O’Connor in 1898, the landmark old railway goods shed signifies the importance of rail transport to the settlement of Collie and the establishment of the coal industry.
The significant role rail played in the emergence of Collie as a source of coal for Western Australia is highlighted at the Collie Historical Rail Precinct.

Collie Coal was discovered in 1883 but was not immediately exploited because of the dominance of the eastern states coalfields and the lack of a railway to transport the coal from Collie to Bunbury.

The South West railway line was completed in 1893 and the line from Brunswick to Collie in 1898. Access to rail transport launched Collie and the coal industry on a sound basis and boosted settlement in the district.

Many West Australians are unaware of the important role that CY O’Connor played in establishing the Collie coalfields. He pushed hard for the building of the line from Brunswick to Collie and argued convincingly for the use of local coal so that WA would be independent of the unreliable Eastern States coal.

The old railway goods shed at Collie is the sole original remnant of the once important Collie Yards which at their peak contained eleven lines and ranked second only to the Fremantle rail yards in size and importance.

Occupying the same block as the old goods shed is the Bill Weir Rolling Stock shed. This is where the restoration of rolling stock takes place, ranging from the ‘the ganger’s favourite’ the Kalamazoo to the First Class Sleeping Coach AZQ415 and all types of wagons and coal trucks in between.

The Collie Historical Rail Precinct is run by the Collie Heritage and Men’s Shed group.

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